ESD / EOS Product Applications

Need assistance with that ESD or EOS on chip application? Consider an ESD design review by Impulse Semiconductor. With today's frightening mask tooling costs, an ESD review it is smart engineering as the price of one less than having that failure analyzed.

  • ESD Design review and report for product layout, schematics (or netlist)
  • Effective integration of existing ESD devices into product application for HBM, Machine model, and Charged Device model requirements
  • Custom design for on chip +/- 15,000 volt IEC ESD, Electrical Fast Transient (EFT, Burst), and Surge applications
  • Transmission Line Pulser (TLP) characterization of existing ESD cells for optimal placement in IC layout

Getting Started is Easy

After exchanging NDA, email a request for service. Your pdf schematics, along with your product or IP data sheet, and layout are usually required. Quotes and layout files are handled under separate instruction depending on the scope of the schematic review.