Your Partner in ESD/EOS Innovation Since 1994

After performance, robustness of an IC design or process is the first tangible quality benchmark your customer will evaluate. Knowledgeable OEM's know robust integrated circuits over the long term add value to their products. Similarly, successful integrated circuit (IC) companies realise:

1) robust IC's can differentiate them from their competitors,

2) robust IC products usually hold their average selling prices longer, and

3) robust IC products build customer loyalty.

However, designing and manufacturing robustness into IC's can add a layer of complexity to an already difficult task. High costs of today's mask tooling, tight design schedules, difficulty of finding and fixing ESD errors (in time) can make producing ESD/EOS robust IC products a painfully slow, risky, and expensive experience.

Here at Impulse Semiconductor we realize the complexity of designing ESD/EOS robust IC products. Our ESD engineering products and proprietary ESD design flow simplify the complex task of integrating robustness into IC's. For example, if you need an ESD diode for TSMC processes, we have one that is versatile, silicon-proven, with low ESD resistance. If you are designing ESD devices, our patented advanced Transmission Line Pulser Test System has ranges and specifications second to none at prices that make infringer's howl.

Impulse Semiconductor has over 20 years of specific IC processing and product design experience for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical overstress (EOS), latchup, hot carrier immunity. Impulse Semiconductor manufacturing and design acumen will give your design that extra value-added ESD edge whether your IC is high speed digital, analog, RF, or a mixed signal application. Located in Silicon Valley, our customer service is world class too, just like our customer base. With Impulse Semiconductor, the ease of pro-actively designing ESD robustness into your IC product is far less costly (and taxing) than doing ESD engineering in house.

If the ESD immunity of your product portfolio is looking more like a graduate project than ESD Value, perhaps it's time to contact Impulse Semiconductor. Your design and business staff will be glad you did!


Rosario Consiglio
Founder & President
Impulse Semiconductor Inc.