Impulse Semiconductor ESD Diode
for TSMC Process

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The Impulse TSMC .13u ESD diode was made to provide ESD discharge paths when integrating third party IP in an integrated circuit design for total ESD protection. The Impulse ESD diode has been successfully used with Dolphin Technologies, Artisan/ARM, TriCN/Synopsis I/O libraries, as well as popular IP blocks from RAMBUS, Chip Idea and other quality IP vendors. A 5.5 volt reverse bias anode to cathode operational specification enables the Impulse TSMC .13u ESD diode to be the device of choice for 5 volt tolerant designs.


This robust, silicon-proven ESD diode is available in TSMC process. The ESD diode has a low dynamic resistance under ESD conditions, low capacitance, and is scaleable to any application with an operating voltage of 5.5 volts and absolute maximum voltage of 6 volts.

A few Impulse ESD Diode Applications: