Rosario Consiglio

One of Silicon Valley's most prolific ESD device and design professionals, Rosario has completed more than 3700 ESD applications and device libraries for 43 semiconductor processes while at companies Advanced Micro Devices, LSI Logic, Maxim, VLSI and Impulse Semiconductor. Founded by Rosario in 1994, Impulse Semiconductor is an ESD metrology, design and troubleshooting engineering service organization serving companies in Silicon Valley today. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, he is an expert in product applications involving on-chip protection for human body model (HBM), machine model (MM), charged device model (CDM) ESD, to include European IEC specifications. A graduate of Marquette University electrical engineering, Rosario has 11 patents covering ESD technology from transmission line pulser instrumentation to semiconductor devices and circuits. Rosario is also a bass fishing enthusiast and enjoys playing ice hockey.